Reduce fraud and guard patient safety.  Reduce fraud and improve the patient experience.

Today's electronic health records are a standard part of every healthcare practice. In an ideal world, a health information system works together within and across organizational boundaries and interoperability is an easily achievable goal. The goal is for systems and devices to connect and communicate with one another easily and securely and for data from patient EMRs to be safely exchanged across clinician, lab, hospital, pharmacy and patient portals.

But what happens in the event:

  • Two patients have the same name?
  • A patient record is breached by a hacker?
  • An administrator incorrectly types the patient's name or Social Security number?
  • Records created by multiple providers were never merged?

Providers can no longer afford to ignore the need to guard against identity theft, fraud or potentially fatal errors in patient records, especially due to interoperability.

LexisNexis® has risk defense solutions that ensure the identities of patients are authenticated and the correct patient is associated with the correct health record and that all records associated with that patient are linked. When patient safety is at stake, you want nothing less than robust, real-time patient identity validation and authentication.

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